Who is Gianluca Vacchi: history, how much he earns, financial crisis, girlfriend

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Gianluca Vacchi is an entrepreneur, businessman, an influencer and Italian musician who gained popularity thanks to his viral videos on Instagram, in which he shows his luxurious life and his eccentric lifestyle. With an estimated net worth of approx 200 million euro, Vacchi has become one of the best-known figures in business, music and social media.

The Story of Gianluca Vacchi

Gianluca Vacchi was born on August 5th, 1967 in Bologna, Italy. After earning a degree in economics and business, he started working in the family business, the industrial packaging company IMA. In 2007, Vacchi was named chairman of the company's board and continued in the role until 2013, when he stepped down to pursue other projects.

Over the next few years, Vacchi continued to do business in various sectors, including real estate, the food industry and tourism. In 2016, he founded the company of asset management GV LUX, which deals with investments in luxury and financial advice for high-income clients. In 2019, she launched her own clothing line called GV GVLV.

How much does Vacchi earn per month?

According to reliable sources, a rough estimate is around €1.000.000 per month. This may seem an incredible figure but considering all the activities that Vacchi carries out, with that life and luxury houses, it is not difficult to believe.

Vacchi owns at least three companies that generate revenue and all its activities, from investments to business consultancy. There are also his collaborations with fashion houses and advertisements that increase his income. Furthermore, Vacchi also has a line of luxury products such as perfumes and clothing. Each piece sold contributes to the accumulation of his income.

The financial crisis of Gianluca Vacchi

La financial crisis by Gianluca Vacchi was one of the most dramatic stories of financial crises in recent years. Gianluca Vacchi's popularity has largely been due to his public persona, known for sharing luxurious lifestyles on social media.

But suddenly the situation changed, starting with 2018, when he was forced to sell nearly all of his possessions to pay for his own debts, especially loan of approx 10 million dating back to 2008. Today, he continues to struggle to recover from the crisis, but he has lost most of his fortune, and his popularity has waned since then.

His crisis was largely due to the purchase of a fashion services company, which led to a profound perdita of money. Also, she had a serious one liquidity crisislargely due to the fact that he underestimated the impact of the global economic downturn on his business.

Not to mention that his luxurious lifestyle it was a major factor in his financial crisis. People regarded him as living beyond his means, and this contributed to his financial difficulties.

Today, Gianluca Vacchi is still trying to to recover from the crisis, but he seems to have learned his lesson.

Who is Gianluca Vacchi's girlfriend

Sharon fonseca is the girlfriend of Gianluca Vacchi, a successful Italian entrepreneur, actor and film producer. Sharon has 27 years and it is a model Brazilian, well known for its great beauty. Sharon has appeared in a few music video and is a huge fan of the genre of music reggaeton. She has also worked as a model for several world famous clothing brands.

Sharon started dating Gianluca Vacchi in 2018 and they quickly became a fan favorite couple.

The couple's daughter

The joy of a new life has come in 2020, in a particular month of October. The news of the birth of the baby, called blu jerusalem, has aroused great interest on social media. Luckily, the birth went well and there child she was born healthy and her mother is very happy. Unfortunately, in the months that followed, one was identified malformation to the baby's mouth.

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